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My dick was instantly hard as they gave me this news. beeg sex I was waitin in the living room watchin t.v,still in nothing but my nylon shorts,Kevin came out of the bathroom in his own nylon shorts beeh and when he didn't see me in my room yelled for me. "in the living room" I yelled to beeg com him. he stopped in the hall beeg hindi too embarassed to come any further for fear of someone seeing him with his www.beeg nice bulge in those gold nylon shorts. "take em off" I asked him. His eyes got huge and he only stood beeg massage there looking down at the floor. "you said anything"I beeq.com reminded him. "please don't make me do this "he said softly pleading. This melted my heart so www beeg com I got up and went to him,not even trying to hide my semi-stiffness which was showing through my shorts. "hey,"I said softly "It's o.k we're alone." He looked up at me with moist eyes "You don't really think I'd make you get naked infront of my parents do you?" 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"shhh,It's beeg porno o.k." I pulled my shorts off beeg moms and then grabbed a beeg tubes blanket. I pulled him onto the couch so we could lay there together. We sat there a minute before he asked if he could have a drink. I went and got what was left beeg teen of our whiskey and handed beeg com it too him. He took a coupla hard hits off of the beeg vids bottle beag.com and then settled back against my chest so we could watch a movie together,he didn't seem to mind the fact that my hard dick was poking into his back. After several more beeg drinks beegxxx Kevin broke the silence. "I don't like my https //beeg.com body" He said out of nowhere "seems like everything was fine until Jess came along,That was my mom's boyfriend when I was 7. He was real good to me at first,but then he started doin' things to me,I didn't like it but he wouldn't stop.It was just touchin at first.When mom was at work he would make me take a bath so he could wash me and stuff." begg Suddenly he stopped talkin'.I didnt know what to say,so I just waited for him to start talking again. "do you prefer circumcised dicks Alex?" "umm well yeah I guess" "Oh.He beeg porn said "and looked at his hands before starting to beeg x chew his nails. "well whats the problem ?" I asked "Your circumcised" "I havent always been"He said quietly. "Umm none of us are born circumcised Kevin"I said confused. "Alex I wasn't circumcised until I was ten" I was astonished. I couldn't comprehend it. "you see" he started again"Jess just decided one day that I needed to be circumcised.Mom was so in love with him or whatever,she didn't even question why. Jess told me that I was perfect except beeg. com for that ugly foreskin. so he talked her into having me circumcised,I still remember . I was in pain for a week and everytime we changed the bandage there was so much blood.I would get sick each time I saw it. I still don't like my body,other guys said the same thing.That my body was perfect.Even after mom left Jess there beeg hot were others. Then there were the other boys,but they were just pervin' beeg xx out beeg anal on beag.com me.That made me feel so nasty" He started to cry hard now" I pulled him closer to beeg moms me and hugged him as tight as beeg sex video I could. "hey ." I whispered into his ear "I love you Kevin. I can't help that I love everything about you" I now turned him around to face beeg tube me. "you are perfect to me,rather you are xnxx beeg circumcised or not. Even if you didn't have the most beautiful blue eyes in the world,or those sexy eyelashes,or those juicy lips. Well the beeg.com lips you have to keep "I said with a slight chuckle."but you are also a warm and sensitive person.And I love you no matter what" I kissed beegcom him on his lips gently "I don't know how I know , but I damned sure do" He only looked at me. He stood up www beeg.com from the covers and stood beeg hairy there before me,he looked uncomfortable,but not embarassed. My eyes washed over his body.His hair was still wet from his shower and his bangs encircled his eyes as they hung down beeg.c on both sides of them,his beautiful blue eyes behind those long thick eyelashes.His perfect complexion with not the first blemish on his nearly 14 year old face, only a small mole on his right cheek.Instead a beautiful deep tan which only further brought out those gypsy eyes. I beeg tubes washed down to his sexy chest which was ofcourse hairless and had a touch of baby fat, the dark mole just inches above his nipples centered directly in the middle of his chest. Those nipples that stuck out nearly as juicy as his lips,his arms just slightly too skinny for his body. I looked again at his face,still nervouse.He was chewing his lip slightly and His hair was pulled forward revealing the sides of his head which were shaved close to his scalp. I then came back to his belly which was not fat but not toned either. The inny belly button. The soft whisps of mousy brown pubic hairs only about an inch above his now circumcised porno beeg penis. It hung there limp.I thougth about how it would have looked uncircumcised. I looked at the slender legs also beautifully tanned,with a light dusting of hair on them.I thought to beeg 4k myself that they, just like his pubes would get thicker,and he would still be beautiful. No matter what happened he would be beautiful. ' I was surprised to beeg sex find that I was no more anal beeg than semi hard. Kevin only continued to stand there uncomfortably. I went to him. "that was very brave of you"I said pulling him to me beeg video "cut or not,you are beautiful" He only looked at the ground. "I worship the ground you walk on. you god you" and I dropped to my knees. I kissed his foot,licking between his beeg come big toe and the next. I then licked up to his calve and then his knee.He tasted so clean.He tasted like beeg poto Kevin. I licked up his thighs and then took one of his dark balls into my mouth. I looked up and he only looked back at me as if to say "you may worship me". I www beeg licked his entire ballsac as if I were bathing it with tube beeg my tongue.He had now grown hard and I licked my way up his shaft to the almost purple head. When I took him milf beeg into my mouth he beeg . let out a sigh,again I looked at him and he returned the look.His hands were now on the back of my head and he was gently fucking into my face. He tasted and smelled so teen beeg good. beeg massage His aroma was intoxicating. 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Normally I would be ready to cum by now but I was not, infact I felt beeg mp4 like I could fuck all night. beeg movies Kevin continued to work on his hard boyhood. "oh shit are you ready to cum yet?" he gasped at me "uh uhh" I panted still slamming into him hard. "oh shit it feels soo good" I was now pulling nearly all beeg milf the way out and gently pushing back in, again Kevin had his eyes closed and he was gently moaning,I began to beeg movies bite his calve again. "I'm gonna cum" He whispered. Still this did not set me off. I began to pick up the pace again,Kevin was now too tired to push back against me,we had begun to slide off of the cover,still I continued to pound into this sweet ass. I now stood over him and pushed his feet over his head,I was fucking down into him now,my dick grew more sensitive with each stroke.It seemed that I would come any time now.My legs grew shaky and I was losing my balance. 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"I'm sorry why don't you let me fix you a bath,and then beeq.com we beeg xxx can goto sleep" "That sounds nice" he beeg gesetz said softly still out of breath I ran to start the bathwater ,and when I came back Kevin was on his stomache in the middle of the floor. " you know? If you keep tempting me with that sweet ass I may have to mount beeg ass you again" I said laughing. "not tonight.I am worn out" he looked at beeg sexxn me with a look of beeg porn videos exhaustion. He headed to the bathroom with my juice dripping down his leg and out of his wonderful ass. I sooo wanted to lick it clean but I didn't want to start something I couldn't finish. After the bath we went to my room and curled into each others arms,my dick was quite sore,but I just couldn't resist.I ran my fingers across Kevin's smooth back and down to beeg porn videos his plump ass,when I ran my finger down the crack he jumped,I gently rubbed beeg teen it against his rosebud. "please"He said softly "I am really sore,can we goto sleep" "Ofcourse my love" I said kissing him beeg .com on beeg coom his lips. We soon drifted off to sleep in each others arms... continued... thanks KIP and JEFF for your kind words of encouragement. beeg com. and yes JEFF you do have the best story on nifty. As always thanks Eddie for just bein you. see you soon.... axl Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 21:00:33 -0500 From: mr. axl Subject: eddie and the axeman 16 Disclaimer: you will find sexplay between boys if this offends yuou then leave now if beeg xvideos your too young then leave now and please please don't hurt the kiddies just read it don't live beegporn it EDDIE AND THE AXEMAN 16 Well to say the last day of the thanksgiving break was the best one would be a lie. The reality was that Alex was depressed over Eddie, also Kevin was more quiet than usual and the two boys had little time alone. They went to visit Alex's friend A-dog for awhile and then before they knew it , it was time for Kevin to go home. The month ended unceramoniously, with the two boys seeing eachother in class twice a day and then lunch together. beeeg Alex's other friends were accepting of Kevin, but they were careful as, so much as a wrong word would set Alex off on them. He found himself being very protective, a feeling that Kevin relished but at sometimes made him uncomfortable. Kevin was unable milf beeg to stay at Alex's house until Christmas break,however the beeg. two beeg.con boys did manage to get together at the skate beeg.c park down town as well as on one occasion at Kevin's house where Alex surprised him by sneeking beeg mom onto his bus. He further surprised beeg beeg Kevin by calling his mom and telling her that he missed the last bus home and would be staying at Kevin's for the night. By the time christmas break beeg.con came The two porn beeg boys were beside themselves with excitement. So much so that Alex neerly completely forgot that Eddie had still not come by,only that he called once when he was in a group www.beeg..com home and then that he ran beegxx away again. This was the only word on Eddie. But now he site beeg.com beeg was with beeg hindi Kevin and begg his world would revolve around this beeg beeg beautiful boy, the object of his desires. Alex just knew he loved beeg . Kevin simply by the fact that no beeg video matter what was wrong all was forgotten when he was in Kevin's beeg black presence. Kevin rode the bus home with Alex, and Alex beeg porn videos site beeg.com beeg could hardly keep his hands to himself , he would pat Kevin on the leg discreetly and Kevin would look at him with his shy smile. An outside observer would have spotted the emotion with no problem ,but fortunately the bus was full of screaming teenagers who only notice beeg xx things that turn them on. It wasn't until the two boys were in Alex's beeg free room safely behind a locked door that they were atlast able to release their emotions, and they sex beeg did this by kissing one another hard and long. There would be no sex play this afternoon as Alex's house was full of family and would be so most of the week. Then ofcourse there would be the christmas shopping trips that Alex would beg off on so he could spend time with his friend. Kevin would be www beeg.com going home two days before christmas which only beeg indian gave beeg hairy the boys a few days together, then ofcourse he was welcome to come back after christmas. That night beeg mp4 after dinner while they were in Alex's mom beeg room Kevin wondered allowed. " have you heard from Eddie?" " once. he called and told me beeg lesbian where he was and that he would keep in touch but that was a coupla weeks ago. " Alex sat quietly for a minute "I just can't figure him out anymore Kevin. I mean I just can't figure out why he won't keep intouch." Kevin sat quietly watching beeg.com/ Alex's face, not knowing what to say. Alex talked until he talked himself out then he looked at Kevin and said " беег I think i'm gonna go to sleep now I'm pretty damned tired." Kevin hugged Alex to him and the two boys lay there until Alex fell asleep. Laying awake in the dark Kevin began to think. He had felt guilty because he had lied to Alex on more than one occasion. He had told him he had alot of homework when he didn't, the fact beeg massage is he went to see A-dog. Ever since the day that hd beeg Alex introduced him to A-dog Kevin knew he liked him. He felt comfortable around him, and he never felt comfortable around men since all that he had known had hurt him in one way or another . But A-dog was different. He thought about a conversation that the two had. "hey A-dog?" "yeah Kevin" "can I ask you a question?" " sure. whats up?" "well if you love someone should you have sex?" beeg/ Kevin asked cautiously. "well there are alot of answers to that question. And I would be lying if I said that I loved everyone beeg jepang I had sex with. but I do think that at your age you should atleast make sure your ready...." " I don't mean it like that man." Kevin beeg mature interjected " I already know about sex,and having it. I mean should you have sex with someone that you love everytime they want too?" "not sure I'm following you" A-dog said not looking up from the picture he was working on. indian beeg " well let beeg gesetz me just spell it out" He said calmly " like Alex. I mean I know I love him. But it seems like everytime we're together he either wants to have sex or mess around. I mean don't get me wrong I love it . but not everytime, sometimes I want to hang out беег with beeg ass him. Like friends do. Remember that first time we came over here? As soon beeg free as we closed the door he was on me, and I liked it but it's like that everytime. As soon as we get to his beeg xxx house we go upstairs and he locks the door and BAM! he's on me. I beeg/ do love it , beeg .com I don't want to sound teen beeg like I'm complaining it's...." He tappered off " well does he know how you beeg porche feel? I mean why not atleast try beeg..com to talk beeg.con to him. Alex is a good guy I think you should give him more beegxxx credit than that." " I beeg. beeg tube know it's just that I'm scared is all. If I lost him I don't know porno beeg what I would do. I mean he loves me and I never had that before" indian beeg He was tearing up now" And he won't let anyone hurt me. But we never hang out beeg porno like friends,it's either sex or we're havin' this deep conversation where one or both of us end up cryin'" he stopped for a second. "couple weeks ago we went to the skate park and that was nice, we were in public and I never felt safer,we talked about stuff, just normal stuff sex beeg like friends do. But beeg.c then he beeg 18 got into this fight. I know I love beeg poto him because I have never been so worried about anyone or anything in my life." "well it sounds like you love him thats for sure. I www.beeg..com think you worry that beegxx he don't love you" A-dog said looking up. " I know he loves me, I just www.beeg wonder if he likes me. Are we friends or just boyfriends?" A-dog looked at Kevin for a long time.He thought to himself "How could anyone not want to get to know this kid better? He was so deep. He has alot to say but it's a shame he doesn't say it more often." He didn't know what to say to Kevin,he just didn't know enough about him. He knew Alex and Alex was a good kid,but he was a wild one too. Alex had introduced him to several boys and he had no doubt that they were messin' around just like Eddie. Those two together were the bee randiest two boys www beeg com he had ever met. He had to fight beeg xnxx back a giggle at that beeg . thought. But hd beeg aside from Eddie he had never heard Alex say he loved anyone but Kevin. He had watched the way beegporn Alex acted around Kevin,somewhat more protective and responsive to Kevin's needs. "look Kevin I think you should give Alex beeg-com more credit, if beeg 4k www.beeg com you beeg com. don't want to mess around then don't,he may be hurt or disappointed but I don't think he will leave you or get mad about it. Atleast try beeg mom talking to him. You shouldn't have to do anything you don't free beeg want to" "well it's no big deal really. I'm used to it. no-one else ever cared rather I wanted to or beegs not. I can do it with Alex,it's the least I can do. I love him. If I can do it with someone I don't love or who don't love me, then why xxxbeeg not with someone I do love and who I know loves me?" "because if he loves you he will understand,and if you love him you won't beeg mom beeg. fake your emotions. And if you love yourself you will stop letting yourself be objectified. I don't think that Alex is objectifying you,perhaps he likes you that much and thinks that you like the sex as much as he does. If you don't that doesn't mean you love him less than he does or anything like that man. Just talk to him o.k?" and with beeg.com/ that he lifted his piece of paper, on it was another picture of Kevin, but in this one he was being swept up in the clutches of an eagle. Kevin looked at the picture closely,the beeg black boy in the picture did not look scared or in pain,he looked happy,serene. Kevin drifted off to sleep with the sound of Alex's soft breathing in his beeg 4k ear,and a decision to talk to beag.com Alex tomorrow. While Kevin thought about his conversation with A-dog, Alex relived some memories of his own as he slept. "hey you ever jack off?" Eddie asked cautiously. "umm what?' Alex thought free porn beeg he had misunderstood the boy. " beeg moms I said you ever jack off?" Eddie repeated "you beeg